Technique Alexander

§25. Knees Going Forward and Away (Walter Carrington, Thinking aloud)

« The target that we are aiming at is the state of affairs when neck to be free, head to go forward and up, back to lengthen and widen, knees to go forward and away expresses a belief and an attitude toward life that is perfectly natural. When you have managed to do that, then don’t imagine you have really accomplished very much. All that you have really done is that you are in a situation where some accomplishment is possible. »

§20. Non-doing (Walter Carrington, Thinking aloud)

« Feeling always dominates the situation. Unless our rational decisions are in accordance with our feelings, we very, very seldom succeed in carrying our reasoned decisions into effect because our feelings won’t let us. The best way, and perhaps the only way, to reeducate your feelings for the better is through the practice of non-doing. »